Project Description


Customize your look

Your logo design identifies your business in its simplest form using a logo mark, typographic solution, or combination of both. That’s all there is to it. Your logo design is the simplest visual representation of your business possible.

Below are five characteristics of a great logo. Contact us to get your logo design started.

  • 1. Simple – Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. The simplest logos are the ones people remember the most.

  • 2. Scalable – A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good.

  • 3. Memorable / Impactful – A great logo should be impactful. You want to capture your viewer’s attentions and leave an impression (a positive impression, hopefully).

  •  4. Versatile – A great logo should look equally good on any web device and on any kind of print material.

  •  5. Relevant – A great logo should be relevant to your practice. It has to have meaning that relates to the work you are doing.